Frequently Asked Questions

Is an adjustment painful?

Most of the time adjustments are very comfortable. Most patients can't wait to get their adjustment becuase they know how good it is going to feel and how much relief they are going to get. However, it is normal to have soreness after your first adjustment. The soreness may feel like you recently exercised. It shouldn't last any longer than a day, and in most cases is doesn't last that long.

What is the popping sound heard with an adjustment?

Many times a popping sound is heard when a joint is adjusted. This sound is normal and is actually nitrogen gas coming out of solution from your joint fluid. The sound is the same thing you hear when someone "pops" their knuckles.

Do I have to come back for several treatments?

There are times when one treatment significantly or completely alleviates a patients pain, however this does not always occur and shouldn't be expected. At Lavaca County Chiropractic we also understand that your pain is only a symptom, and correction of your problem will likely take more than one treatment.

What if I already had spinal surgery?

Individuals who have already had spinal surgery can still receive chiropractic treatment in most cases. As long as your surgery has had time to completely heal, there are few instances where chiropractic treatment can not be utilized. Dr. Freytag will determine whether chiropractic treatment can be used in your case.